Post 2 – What Do We See? What do We Feel?

    I love following the light along and round and against the skins of this beautiful model.

   The eyes may move first to her breasts. But, allow your eye to move along her shoulders, down her left arm and than her right arm to the sheets and how they are affected by her weight.

   Consider the way the shadows travel down her back and what happens to the window light as it moves left to right across the picture. This image, this woman lets us see the slopes and curves and lines that make up her form.

   The question is not her beauty. The question is our ability to appreciate what her nude figure does to the window light that shows us part of her, but not all of her.

   I made this figure study in 2010 in color and decided to convert it to black and white.


One Response to Post 2 – What Do We See? What do We Feel?

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I really appreciate your comments that accompany this image. It is instructive and helpful to me in seeing beyond a first impression and a preconceived notion of what I am seeing.

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