Post 3 – Nude By Tree

Three by Tree - copyright Erie Chapman/Dane Dakota 1979, 2011


This may be the most most successful image I have made. It was created in 1979 using infrared black and white film. I am holding the cable release in my left hand. Kathy, the woman in the foreground, looked left at the moment the picture was made, blurring her face. A relatively slow shutter speed has intensified the impact of the wind on the hair of the other model, Bonnie. The tree emerges in the middle to offer curves of its own. The long grass floats beside the river while the tree limbs menace.

   I love this photograph and am honored one of only three of the vintage prints has hung in the Toledo Museum of Art, in the home of the Associate Director of Washington’s National Gallery, and in the President’s Residence at the Rhode Island School of Design.

Photo: “Three By Tree,” Copyright 1979 and 2011 by Dane Dakota


About danedakota

Dane Dakota is a film artist living in Nashville. His book of photographs and poems, Woman As Beauty, is available via or by emailing Van Grafton via or on kindle
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2 Responses to Post 3 – Nude By Tree

  1. James Spencer says:

    I’m intrigued by this photograph more than any other on your site. I’m trying to locate the author, and I like that I can’t. Who is viewing whom? I don’t need to know but I like the question.

    • danedakota says:

      You are so insightful, James. As mentioned, I am the photographer as well as in the photograph (using a long cable release.) But, I think you mean to suggest more with your thoughtful inquiry. I do as well. Thank you for your attention to these images. You are rare indeed. Let me know if you’d like to be in touch. I am at .

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